Amerisave Third Party Orgination

Our Clients in Their Own Words:

AmeriSave is proud of our relationships with our mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and credit union customers. Our intent is to give our lending partners every single tool they need to be successful in the mortgage lending environment.


A few times a year we will ask our customers to answer a question like, "What is your favorite thing about AmeriSave TPO?"  These are their answers.

The reasons why AmeriSave is my “go to” lender:

  • Great customer service (especially my AE that goes to bat for me!)
  • Love live help
  • Great turn times
  • Fantastic pricing

Navi, Banker’s Lending Group

  • First is our wonderful AE Mike McCarthy, He is not only willing to go above and beyond for us whenever a bump in the road should arise but he is also extremely knowledgeable about the products and services available. Not to mention his willingness to seek out the answer to any questions proposed on the off chance he doesn’t already have the answer and provide not only the answer but the explanation behind the answer to help us predict and avoid future conditions. 
  • Second would be the rates available. They are more often than not better than the other lenders we work with.
  • Third would be the ease at which we can contact the underwriters should we have questions and promptness of the agents working at Amerisave. We can always reply on their speed and accuracy.

Robin, A1 Residential Mortgage

The best part of Amerisave is doing business with Peter Lin.  He’s possibly the best account executive in the biz.  Peter is incredibly responsive, knows the rules, knows his company, and knows how to put all the pieces together. The result is that he helps me close loans.  And when Peter doesn’t know something, he doesn’t make up the answer.  He tells me when he’ll have the answer to me and he does the homework.  It’s all about communication and efficiencies and that is what makes a huge difference.  Good job Amerisave.  You have a winner.

David, Insider Mortgage Corp.

I like the ability to talk with the underwriters; they always make me feel like they want to make the loan work. . I also like being able to order the appraisals right away and of course our account executive is excellent!


Christy, Pacific Inland

Working with Amerisave has been an easy process.  Our loans are underwritten quickly and we do not get attacked with a million conditions.  Conditions get reviewed quickly.  I love the Chat we can do when we have a question or problem.  Appraisal process is quick also.  Overall it’s been great.


Amie, Pacific Inland

AmeriSave has great pricing and turn times!

Vera, ACMC Financial

I have enjoyed working with most of your UW’s and they are usually very approachable in asking questions to solve issues.  Closing department for docs is great; you just definitely need a system that has to do with specific state requirements, since closers & UW both ask for conditions that don’t apply to our state.  Your pricing is usually very strong and appreciate that it doesn’t go up and down daily.

Teresa, Edgewater Funding Inc.

Our AE is very knowledgeable about all of the products you offer….He gets back to you if you leave a message or send an e-mail in a very timely fashion…..I have some very complicated loans and he gives me an answer right away where it can or can’t be completed….

Maureen, America One Home Lending

 Pricing, online platform and true table funding are three areas I really like.  I’ll go with pricing as the one I like the most.

 Mike, Mid Oregon Lending

 We choose AmeriSave because of Live Help, Ability to communicate with the underwriters and the underwriter calling to let us know the loan is approved.

 Our Account Executive is great, turn times and all around great communication make Amerisave the best.

 Andy, Vantage Mortgage Group

Your rates are consistently in the upper third of Loan Sifter, and I appreciate knowing that you are an experienced acct rep who is willing to offer knowledgeable assistance. 

Tim, Vantage Mortgage Group

I like that I can access everything I need to see about a loan on one website, no need to jump around to different sites.  We also love Live Help.

Nancy, EMPP

One of my favorite aspects in doing business with AmeriSave is the online tools. I consistently use the online scenario pricing tool, which has unique features from other lenders, and the Live Help access. My rep A/E is always outstanding as well.

Logan, Starwest Mortgage Corporation

I like my Rep, because he gets answers quickly, and is always available when I have questions.  I also like the ease of submitting, locking, etc.

Harry, Firestone Group

I love how easy the website, is to use.

Gregory, Pinnacle Bank

Amerisave is a new lender for us and so far both the loan doc and funding process on the 3 files we have closed have been quick and efficient. I think that Amerisave’s funding process is by far the quickest and smoothest of all the lenders we deal with. And of course our AE is awesome.

Sara, NW Premier Mortgage

In terms of being a processor, AmeriSave is my favorite lender.  I love that when I upload something I can see that it is there.    I love that I can either talk to or email the underwriter at any point during the loan process. This is a huge plus, as most of the underwriters get right back to me and are very willing to help answer any questions either Craig or I have.  I love that I bypass the review process as it makes our initial underwrite that much quicker and we get to the closing table that much quicker.


Very quick

Good pricing

Easy to use online system

Have extended rate for free before

Underwriting good and fair

Good live chat helpdesk

Jason, Homestead Mortgage

The speeds of UW approvals and Conditional approvals as well as UW responses to emails are timely.

Megan, Bainbridge Lending Group


Here is what I love about Amerisave:

1. Excellent online system for loan submission & uploading documents.

2. Very quick turn time for approval, conditions and appraisal.

3. Support from Live Help & AE

4. Good pricing on conforming programs.


My-Linh, HLB Realty

It's great doing business with Amerisave:

1.  Our account executive is very responsive.

2.  Amerisave gets the loans done with a minimum of red tape and in a reasonable timeframe.

3.  Pricing is very competitive.



If you put as much care and time into your own files, then everyone at AS is willing to do the same for you and your borrower. If you need a rush or a favor in most all cases AmeriSave will do everything to meet your needs.  Most importantly I can call my UW and closer directly.

Leeanne, Country Bank

I appreciate the speed at which Amerisave works on my files.  I enjoy having Live Help as an immediate resource.  I like having access to the UW when necessary and that they respond to our questions – we all work together to get the file done – it’s not an “us versus them”, it’s a “we are all on the same team trying to get the loan to closing.”

Brian, AmStar Mortgage Network

I am fairly new to Pinnacle Bank but not new to Mortgage lending or wholesale operations.  That being said, I was not familiar with three of the four investors we generally use here at Pinnacle in December of 2013.  I was slated to start using the one I was most comfortable with and that was not Amerisave.  Then I rec’d a call from my sales rep Tommy Cruse.  He wanted to drop by and meet me - the new kid.  Good call on his part.  We arranged a meeting and hit it off right away.


Because of our fraternity, Amerisave is always my first look.  Sometimes you (Amerisave) cannot accommodate for whatever reason and I have to go elsewhere. But if I get a choice; Amerisave is always were I start.


One never knows how a first impression will affect a business relationship.  It was all about our first impression on 12-12-2013. Thanks for stopping by that day to see me Tommy.  Furthermore thanks for your wonderful customer service you exhibit to me daily.


Betsy, Pinnacle Bank

I think for us it would have to be the availability and communication with the staff.  Being able to email or speak directly with an underwriter, closer, post closer, etc. really helps for a smoother process overall.  That’s my vote anyway. J


Teresa, State Bank & Trust Company

I like that the process with AmeriSave is streamline!  I am all about efficiencies J


Amy, State Bank & Trust Company

The FAST turnaround on underwriting!


Sara, State Bank & Trust Company

Tommy is my #1 answer!  Diane Carmignani ranks way up there too!  Ease of the Amerisave system, very straightforward for LO’s.  Great rates too!


Angela, Peach State Bank

In response to your question “What do we like most about doing business with Amerisave”?

  • Technology-The system is very user friendly it allows us to easily monitor our loans throughout the process and we love the pricing engine. Technology makes it easier to do business with Amerisave.
  • Communication- Communication is a key for our ability to offer quality service to our customers.  Responsiveness and effective communication with underwriting, closing and funding makes our job much more enjoyable. Live chat is a plus although we have had situations where what we were told through live chat did not exactly pan out.
  • Pre-approval process- Pre approval is a tool we find extremely helpful in the purchase world it’s a tool we promote to our Realtors.
  • Overall level of service- The level of service including knowledge and responsiveness from our AE and his team is a big factor as we consider where we send our business.
  • Pricing & Products- Competitive pricing and fees coupled with a good product offering


Wayne, AB&T National Bank

I like the quick turnaround in the funding process.

Michelle, Credit Union Financial Services

What I like best is your website and pricing engine on the origination side it's very easy.  Thanks!

Kathy, North Georgia Lending

Our favorite things about Amerisave are:

  • Consistency – always know what to expect
  • Closing – Once loan is CTC and goes to closing, we don’t have last minute issues. Not the case with all of our investors.
  • Live Help feature


Debra, Pinnacle Bank

“Amerisave helps us close loans quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly.  That’s why we’re in business, after all.”

 Mika, Credit Union Financial Services

I would say what I like most about doing business with Amerisave is their prompt attention to files, questions, issues etc. and the people that work with Amerisave.  It is rare to come across an Amerisave employee in any department that isn't quick to assist, answer a question, or help to find a SOLUTION for an issue vs. just pushing aside and not helping to make something work in some way!

 Jodi, State Bank & Trust

I like your website and the fact that we can communicate with the underwriters.

 Pam, Credit Union Financial Services

I like the fact that the packages are always there before the scheduled closing time and I have Live Help at my fingertips without having to wait several hours for a call back. 

 Jeff, Hallmark Funding

Automation is great, my favorite system so far!!  The teams of u/w’s and closers that I have worked with have been amazing.  Accessibility to everyone (really good response times to questions, etc.) helps me to be able to move on to other loans and not have to always wait or go back to it. Love this!!!

Crystal, The Southern Credit Union

Your technology is also a plus for me. Very easy to upload and lock loans into your system. Use of CAM’s when needed and the ability to look at entire loan from rate lock, underwriting docs and items needed to close loan. This makes it easy for both processor and originator to look at what is needed and try to expedite the closing process.

Jeremy, The Southern Credit Union

Consistency with rates and processing turn times.  You always know what to expect.

 James, Liberty Home Mortgages


Amerisave has a very professional yet personal level of customer service throughout the process from live help to funding.


Sara, Oconee State Bank


I like the ability to call on underwriters to ask questions and talk through potential problems. The rate lock process could not be any easier in my opinion. Getting documentation into the underwriting queue and reviewing conditions is a simplistic process as well.


Austin, The Southern Credit Union


We love our Account Representative.  I can submit a loan to Amerisave with the confidence that if needed Tommy will be there to assist and help in any way possible to see our loan through to closing.


Linda, Georgia Commerce Bank


I would have to say Automation is my favorite part of Amerisave. Having the ability to see our pipeline and easily lock, review, or upload items is essential in our business. We have other investors that have third party systems that are not connected to the “brain” of their company which basically deems it obsolete in comparison. Secondly, we like the communication of the underwriters, closers and account executives, making it easier to get loans closed.


James, The Southern Credit Union


Best service ever from top to bottom. Our AE, Tommy Cruse, really cares! 


Sonya, River City Bank


I like the following things about Amerisave:


1. Competitive pricing

2. Live Help

3. Tommy Cruse - accountability

4. Ability to communicate with underwriters when they have questions


Beth, Pinnacle Bank


Here are a few main reasons why I like doing business with Amerisave:











Loanne, HLB Realty


I like working with Amerisave due to the following reasons:


1. All questions or concern can be easily answered right away by live help.

2. Can talk directly to UW (most important)

3. Great online system to access


Tuyen, HLB Realty


Here is the list of things I like most about Amerisave:

  • Fast Turn Time
  • Waiving the requirement for Condo cert when DU approved the file with limited review
  • Accepting E-Signature
  • Prompt response from Account Executive

We look forward to expand our business relationship with Amerisave.


Reza, Loan America


I like the process, it is very user friendly and I like being able to Live Chat with an Amerisave CS rep when I have a question to get an immediate answer is really excellent.

Of course working with you is great, that goes without saying!

 Firestone Financial Group






I just wanted to drop you an email letting you know that I have been very pleased with our rep, Joel.  I have closed two deals and have a 3rd in underwriting now in the last 30 days and he has been very helpful and responsive.  I know as a former manager of people myself it seems you only hear something about your employees if something bad happens but just wanted to let u know that even though he does not always have the answers he goes out and gets them and is always accessible. 

Tony Gregory, Winterwood Mortgage Group

 Hey Buddy,
Just wanted to pass along a few items….
UW turn times are GREAT, we really appreciate the efforts you guys have made to turn these around and this should set us all up for a strong finish to the year.  All of your UW’s continue to be very kind and helpful.  Heather and I really enjoy working with them.
Your WCR relock policy is very good.  The WCR has saved a lot of my deals since I didn’t have to charge my clients for extensions.  This makes me and you guys look good, great policy.
Your rate reno policy is also VERY fair.  This has also saved quite a few deals as clients watch the markets and come to me asking for a better rate after they locked.  Your rate reno policy has allowed me to lower some rates and save a number of deals.
Just my 2 cents (or maybe 10 cents); as you know we like to keep you informed and you do a great job on our account so I am happy to pass along good news.
I have also cc’d some the reoccurring UW’s that get our files since they have been so good to us and wanted to make sure they know we appreciate their efforts.
Thanks for all your help!
Craig & Heather
Miller Mortgage

 "I MEAN YOU ARE AWESOME :-) :-) The attorneys are sooooooo loving ya'll. The other lenders we used got the packages to the attorneys the night before or the morning of closing :-) :-) We are all so pleased with the customer service we are given each day, it's certainly making my life and job a lot easier, thanks again for all you do on my behalf, I truly do appreciate it!!!"

Kathy Campbell
South Georgia Banking Company

Good morning. You guys are awesome! We love working with Amerisave. Have a wonderful day.

Kim Newton
Mortgage Loan Processor
Farmers and Merchants Bank


Glad to be partnered with such a strong company! FMB loves Amerisave.

I can’t believe it! This customer came in and only gave us TWO WEEKS to close his purchase—we knew that with Amerisave, this might be possible, and we got a Full Approval THREE DAYS after he applied. Yes, this took much effort on the borrower’s part too, but with everyone pulling together, managed to pull it off. His closing isn’t for another week, so we will actually have an AMPLE amount of time once file is in closing for the package/HUD to be prepared.

This is such a success story, especially b/c this particular customer is also a realtor! He is now sending NEW business to us b/c he cannot believe it either. Moreover, his closing is a dreaded back-to-back, which is not so scary for us anymore, now that we have a full loan approval this early!

This is just further proof that with the right investor, even in today’s crazy marketplace, anything is possible! Have a HAPPY Weekend! We sure will… PS, this will be our 13th closing with you guys in three weeks!

Christie Heald
Residential Mortgage Lender


Dear Tim:

I wanted to take the time to tell you how great you and your team at Amerisave are doing. I am so thankful that we were introduced to you and what your company has to offer. Although we have only been with you a short time, I feel as though we have been working with your company for many years.

When we first met, I spoke about our relationships with other lenders and the lack of communication and customer service. You assured me that this would not be the case with Amerisave, and I must say that you were absolutely right. The level of customer service that you and your company have given to me and my staff has been phenomenal. Your "live Help" is OUTSTANDING! Your underwriters are AWESOME! I really appreciate how your entire staff communicates and work with us on our files. This is very important to having a successful relationship.

Thank you so much for all that you do! I look forward to building a stronger partnership for many years to come.

Kim Sills
Vice President
The Heritage Bank

Patterson State Bank

RE: Amerisave Mortgage Corporation

Patterson State Bank started doing business with Amerisave roughly six months ago. We have additional lenders that we have used in the past, however, none of these lenders compare to the service that Amerisave gives to me and my staff. Your account executives have been BY FAR my favorite Account Executives/managers to work with.

Anytime I have a question I can contact them via cell or via e-mail. If for some reason they doesn't answer... you can bet they are calling you back or emailing you back within minutes. I can depend on AmeriSave for making sure my files are worked on in a timely and efficient manner.

The underwriters and managers at Amerisave are a pleasure to work with. You can actually speak to the underwriters...not to mention some even work on the weekend and after hours. There have been many of weekends that I corresponded with an underwriter via e-mail.

Amerisave's website is user friendly as so is their manual. LIVE HELP is GREAT!!! Any Type of question you have you will get answered within seconds....LIVE!

I would encourage anyone to join the Amerisave team. The two most important qualities in a business is customer service and team work...and in my eyes Amerisave has exceeded both these qualities.


Katie Lasseigne
Assistant Vice President/Loan Officer

The Bank

RE: AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

Early in the year our Account Representative with AmeriSave, came by to introduce their services to our bank. After visiting with him for several hours and touring their web site and origination procedures I was very excited to get started. As with many companies they try to sell you on turnaround times and communication. AmeriSave Management, underwriting and closing staff by far exceeded previous companies I have worked with. I would like to highlight on a few key things AmeriSave has to offer.

  • Always a phone call away and will go the extra mile to assist.
  • Ability to contact the underwriter via email or telephone is exceptional.
  • Expediting underwriting conditions is always simple and fast.
  • Turnaround times are never an issue.
  • Live Help is a VERY efficient way of answering any question Originators may have.
  • The document upload section of the web site is definitely quick and easy.
  • Closing document preparation and delivery is applauded by all of our Attorneys and Title Companies.
  • Because the website is so user friendly, you can upload and submit numerous loans for underwriting per day.

As you are aware, in our business no loan is the same. There are many conditions we are challenged with, all awhile keeping our customers satisfied. With AmeriSave you are never "fighting the battle" alone. The staff will always assist in expediting and resolving issues that may arise.

I encourage anyone to join the AmeriSave team. Quality of service equals quality of satisfaction, guaranteed.


Jill Cunningham
Mortgage Specialist

Bank of Sunset and Trust Company

In July of 2010 we began a Correspondent relationship with AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation, thanks to Buddy Dantin. We had previously worked with Buddy at another lender. Shortly after signing on with AmeriSave we were united with our Account Executive. Both of these gentleman have been a pleasure to work with and either of them are only a phone call away.

To date we have closed approximately ten loans with AmeriSave. Some of our favorite things that we get from doing business with AmeriSave are listed below.

  • Our Account Executive and Buddy Dantin
  • Live Help
  • Ease in uploading the file and uploading conditions for review
  • The phone call from the Underwriter letting you know your file has been underwritten and explanations of any areas of concern
  • Being able to correspond with the Underwriter via e-mail/phone
  • Closing request is fast and simple -- being able to close in our name and have the package prepared by AmeriSave is GREAT!
  • Document preparation and delivery are seamless -- the Attorney/Closer receives the package and we also get a copy e-mailed to us
  • Final Hud approval is handled via e-mail between the Amerisave Closer, Attorney and us
  • Quick response time to any issue you may have regarding Underwriting, Closing, Post Closing, Servicing, etc. All departments are extremely helpful

We encourage you to join the AmeriSave team. Given all of the changes in the Mortgage Industry over the past year or so it is very comforting to know that you can have the AmeriSave team working with you to get your loans closed.


Todd J. Metrejean,
Senior Vice President
Mary E. Trahan,
Mortgage Loan Department

Dear Buddy:

I've worked for First Capital Bank for 3 years and in the mortgage industry for 7 years. I've submitted loans with several different lenders and my experience was about the same. Once I submitted a loan, it would take anywhere from 3 to 10 days for a conditional approval and at least 24 to 72 hours for conditions to be cleared. Many times, I would have questions regarding conditions, etc. sometimes urgent, sometimes not, but Regardless, reaching someone was almost impossible. Most of the time I would have to Leave a message or send an e-mail and was lucky ifI heard back from someone the same Day or at all. I have often felt lenders are quick to find a reason to deny a loan or postpone a closing instead of trying to find a way to make it happen. I've had problems with not receiving a closing package early enough to close at the scheduled closing time. I really thought that's what the mortgage business had come to over the past few years so I just dealt with the aggravation, stress and headaches that came along with every single loan.

Now to the reason I'm writing you...the great part...the part every mortgage broker needs to hear about...My testimony about AMERISAVE MORTGAGE.

Let's start at the beginning with my account executive, Stacey Igler. I have some of the most unique loan scenario problems, as I imagine most originators do in today's market; so I call or email Stacey often with questions, concerns, etc. she's always ready to help and truly cares about my loans as much as I do. I'm a loan officer that is involved through the whole process and Stacey is always right there with me every step of the way. In some cases, she's even been a step ahead of me on making sure issues are resolved and ready for closing especially if I've expressed to her that I'm under a time constraint and need to close on a certain day. She goes above and beyond.

I've worked with several different underwriters and they've all been great. Once they underwrite my loan, they email or call to let me know to call them if I have any questions. When I do call them, they always answer... I'm not used to that! Like Stacey, they truly want to help make the closing happen within a timely manner. I've received approval and conditions the same day as submission or no later than the next day. I didn't know that existed in today's market. I've experienced the same with clearing of later than one day if not hours after the conditions are submitted. The turn around time is amazing. I can inform my borrowers of a more accurate closing date after a couple of days versus waiting days for approval and days for conditions to be cleared.

The closing process has also been a great experience. I submitted a loan for closing on a Tuesday to close on Friday and by Wednesday the package was sent, HUD approved and ready to close 2 days before the actual closing date. I've NEVER had that happen with any other lender. Usually, I'm lucky if the loan is ready for closing hours before the closing time.

The system AmeriSave uses is very user friendly. My favorite part is the Live Chat instant messenger. This is a feature I've never had the option to use with other lenders. It's so convenient to have someone there to answer my question as soon as I type it and hit enter. It's great that the people who respond to the live chat can put me in touch with any department I might need.

Some lenders have a niche that make them unique from other lenders but often I find these lenders also have issues in areas of the loan process that are very important. I've always had to outweigh the bad with the good when deciding on which lender to use. This isn't the case with AmeriSave. You have a great team of account reps, underwtiers, and closers with competitive rates and a system put together to make the mortgage lending process as easy as possible in today's market. I'm very excited to do business with AmeriSave and look forward to closing many more loans together in the future.

Kisha Basford
Mortgage Originator
First Capital Bank

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